Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Good News

We know that breastfeeding is good for babies because human breast milk is produced specifically for human babies. We know that since when we breastfeed, we aren't producing large amounts of estrogen, we know that this reduces life-time risk for breast and ovarian cancers. Now we know that breastfeeding is being found to reduce heart disease in older women who breastfed their babies earlier in their lives. It is easier to lose weight, since perhaps up to 500 calories a day is used in the production of milk to feed the babies. It seems to enhance glucose metabolism and thus reduce risk of heart attack. Breastfeeding is good for everyone. But if, for some resaon you can't breastfeed your baby, please just remember to feed it somehow. All kidding aside, we know that we can use lots of medications while we breastfeed. Even anti-depressants ( google Zachary Stowe, MD ). Best to speak to your pediatrician to discuss medications while breastfeeding. Isn't mother nature naturally miraculous?