Friday, May 1, 2009

Good to Go!!

Last weekend I taught a couple who won my services at a VIACORD Baby 101 brunch. They were @ 36 weeks gestation and they caught on fast! I taught them everything they needed to know ( in 2 hours ) about what to expect from labor and delivery. Anatomy, physiology, what to do when they finally identified that they were in labor and what to expect at the hospital ( Northside's Women's Center ). They wanted to talk about epidurals and relaxation and breathing. Episiotomy and even what to expect about the bonding experience with their son after delivery. We discussed what was pertinent to them. That's the idea with personalised and customised childbirth education. It's what YOU want. They soaked it in and GUESS WHAT? THEY HAD THEIR BABY BOY the very next day. Easy labor and delivery. I am sure it was because they knew what to expect and they were READY to BIRTH. Happy outcomes are the goal. NO fear, NO fuss. Congratulations to Sze and Cha!! Now the real fun begins. The idea is to get that baby outta there!