Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nurses Week

Happy Nurse's Week ( and Mother's Day ) to everyone. I was humbled to be named as one of Atlanta Journal Constitution's Ten Honorees this past week at a luncheon at the Cobb Energy Center highlighting Nurse's Week. I was among men and women from all over the metro Atlanta area whose dedication has brought them recognition and immense satisfaction in their service to their patients. There were nurses from hospice and the ER, floor nurses and teachers: nurses who for decades have tirelessly put others before themselves. This was a very special afternoon to visit with peers, meet new friends and celebrate each other and what we love to do. I am always so impressed by my colleagues. We identify needs in our communities and institutions and initiate change and growth. We make a difference. We heal and comfort, we share and join in the lives of the people we nurse. I am so proud that I am a nurse and very grateful to be named as one of the best. What a wonderful group of human beings! Thanks to the AJC and all the wonderful patients who nominated me.
There alot of nurses who are mothers. All mothers nurse. We care for our families not only by nursing our babies and kissing boo-boos and bandaging scraped knees but also by teaching our children to be caring nurturers. By example, we encourage independence and learning. We recycle and teach respect for the enviroment. We teach organization skills and responsibility, problem solving and we allow our children to be human by showing them that we are too. We say we are sorry when we make mistakes and we try to right wrongs in our communities and in the world. Mother's always do the best they can. Mothers are heros. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!