Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Baby 101

Another successful Baby 101 at Paper Mill Grill today. Delicious brunch and good presentations about cord blood banking. The research certainly supports the exciting prospects for even more uses than are already being applied. Dr. Winny Soufi speaks so clearly about her comittment to the concept and the practical uses and she has very personal reasons for supporting a bank that has a good solid reputation. Her own cord blood has gotten lost in the shuffle using a company that is no longer in existence.

Stork Vision presented options for out of office ultrasound that include 16 week scans for sex determination and 3-D pictures that are best accomplished before 32weeks when the baby is bigger, descending down into the pelvis and less easy to visualize. Amazing examples of faces and noses, feet and tongues!! Unbelievable technology.

I presented my usual "What everyone Wants to Know". Including going to the hospital when contractions are every 5 minutes and lasting about sixty seconds or when Mom can no longer talk through a contraction. Whether young parents know it or not,they need to contract to collect cord blood, get a car seat installed, have a will and a guardian named, increase life insurance, choose a pediatrician and have all classes completed by thirty-six weeks gestation. The hospital tour, childbirth preparation ( my private, individualized session, of course ) and lactation. Don't forget infant CPR for the parents and any other people who may be watching the baby. Allternate routes to the hospital, just in case!

Penny Gilchrist informed about doula duty and the need for respect for that all important fourth trimester. Sucking and swaddling and "jello-jiggling", white noise and getting baby on a schedule. She demonstrated real swaddling with a real swaddle blanket and diapered some pretty cute stuffed animals.

Penny and I and, of course, Dr. Soufi spent a few moments reinforcing the need for help if those baby blues last more than two weeks after birth. There is easy diagnosis and treatment for real post-partum depression.

I think that Dr. Soufi and Penny and I should write a book. Tales from the OB/GYN's office or better yet: More Than What to Expect When You are Expecting and How to Get Through the First Eighteen Years. We'll see.......

Then we had mini-desserts. Tiramisu, Berries and Creme or Creme de Menthe. A very sweet ending to a really fine Baby 101. Thanks to Kim and Eric from Viacord for a great time at paper Mill Grill.