Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to the USA

I am back in the USA after a fascinating trip to Turkey. I spent time in Istanbul and along the Aegean Coast including a trip to Ephesus. The weather was beastly hot and that's comimg from a woman who lives in Hotlanta, GA. I got heatstroke in Izmir and it's only the salty Ayran yoghurt drink that saved my life. And four liters of water everyday.

I met with several different groups of women who share commom concerns about joining the rest of us as we head into the next decade of the twenty-first century. Faced with global warming, energy concerns, politcal unrest, differing ideologies, world hunger, loss of freedoms and the world-wide financial crisis, we are just hoping for a way to care for our families, feed our children and educate them so that they are equipt to survive in a very rapidly changing and ever shrinking world.

I am so grateful for the technology that we have at our disposal for communication. The internet is the most amazing vehicle for bridging time and space. I was able to report atleast daily to family and friends about my journey and all I saw and learned. I think that they were reassured that I was okay, especially after the heatstroke half-way through the trip. I now have a regular communication with many wonderful women in Turkey who are asking for aid in a variety of ways from grant support to encourage indiginous craft revival to support village women to grief counseling for a young woman with two small children who just lost her husband in a freakish accident. There are women asking for internships for their sons and husbands for their daughters. There are women all over Turkey afraid of the new conservative regime that is reviving the veil and the loss of woman's rights.

I am so grateful to be an American citizen. Where we all can still say what we please and have opportunities to better ourselves and provide hope for our children. I pray that the world will come together in a spirit of cooperation and goodwill so that women may care for their families and teach their children well that this is one planet and we are one people and in order to survive we must go outside and play nice. Women have a common agenda. We all have a vested interest in keeping our children well. It is about the survival of the species.