Saturday, August 29, 2009

sibling rivalry

So my little dog is home from 8 days at the pet hospital and I am 4100 USD poorer. He is on a long list of medications that should greatly increase his life expectancy. I am on a 2 hour round the clock schedule for peeing- out all those steroids. So I can talk to my daughter-in-law, seeing as we're on the same schedule since she's got a brand new son, Jacob.

Big sister, Maggie, is a very secure and bright 2 1/2 year old who liked it better when she was an "only". She doesn't want Jake to sleep in her mom's bed and she doesn't want to leave the house without her mom. And he is definately not allowed to play with her toys. My mother was sure that Maggie wouldn't be jealous. Ha! It is normal to be jealous when someone moves a rival into your house and then tells you that you have to love this boy and that Mommy and Daddy love him too! That he can't go back to the hospital and that he might be a little more labor intensive for your mom and dad than they let on.So you are told to wait and that you should really find something to do. You can't kill him with kindness and he can't do much but cry, alot. Not all fun and games when a new baby comes home, to stay, forever. Sounds normal to me.

How would you feel if your husband brought home a cute young thing and told you that it was here to stay, forever? And that it was just as loved and cherished as you and that you had to love it too. Not to mention share everything with it.Learning to share your parents adoration is a very hard thing. And it may be a great thing, when all is said and done, when you both are thirty two and thirty four, all grown up and have been in therapy for thirty years over the blessed event. But for now? Well, I think it's awfully appropriate to have a few mixed feelings. You go, Maggie. And call Grandma; she'll make it all better. Atleast at her house, without the baby.

My blog this week is short and sweet. I am tired and I know it's just part of the process. Things will get better--- when they both move out of the house.