Monday, October 5, 2009

Yom Kippur

I apologize for not blogging last Monday as I usually do. It was Yom Kippur which is the culmination of the Jewish High Holidays and we pray that day. We don't write or work or eat.

I had alot of time to think. Life is a miracle and we hear it so often that it becomes cliche. But it IS a miracle. It seems to happen arbitrarily and it is in the spirit of Yom Kippur and the gratefulness that we must express to God to remember how miraculous the whole life process is. From the meeting of those two tiny cells filled with all the material needed for physical and emotional and cognitive and spiritual development to last a whole long human lifetime to each other form of life on God's green earth. Miracles abound.

We don't always ask forgiveness of each other for the wrongs that we commit and we often don't remember once we have been forgiven that we need to be aware of the meaning of forgiveness. This is the message of Yom Kippur. Forgiveness is the gift of the one wronged but it also the gift to the one forgiving. When we can forgive each other and our parents and they us, then we are Godlike and free from guilt. With this guiltless spirit we can achieve miraculous feats. We can teach our children well: the meaning of compassion, kindness, selflessness and charity. We can teach them the merits of failure in order to learn success.

In my garden, I am with God. From season to season, something is bloomimg, something is resting and some things are even dying forever. Every spring I am overcome with surprise and utter amazement that the plants come back, bigger and better. It is a MIRACLE. I can work whole days in the garden and find new life, new creatures and new awarenesses about myself and the world. I think this is creation, the way God intended and perhaps the way God did it. Small wonders that add up to huge revelations--- about life.

I am missing a very special life these days. My beloved dog, Boichuk died on September 15 after a long, expensive and valiant effort to live. I think he wanted to live for me. Now I must learn how to live without him. I am so grateful for the time we had, for the unconditional love and loyalty that it seems only certain souls can give. I am hoping that my faith in life going on will be enough for me to remember him without missing him the way I do now. I am longing for spring again when life is new and possibilities for life are endless.

So what does this have to do with Ready Birth? Well, what I do with Ready Birth is continually teach the cycle of labor and delivery, over and over again. With each couple I learn about the boundless faith we bring to the experience of birthing a new life. With endless possibilities. I am grateful for all of my clients and what they continue to teach me about the cycle of life and the seasons of life. And this is what we reflect on at this time of year during the days of the High Holidays. Happy New Year to all. Peace, Health, Prosperity ( material and otherwise )and Hope for a good new year.