Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pregnancy Symptoms/ First Trimester

Everyone freaks when the symptoms of pregnancy subside somewhere near the end of the first trimester. Women are sure that they aren't pregnant anymore when they start to feel better, more like themselves again. The nausea is gone and the fatigue is replaced with lots of energy. Cramps go away and all of a sudden sex doesn't sound so bad. Instead of being glad that the worst of the early weeks is over, we worry that the pregnancy has "gone away". It's normal for women to feel pretty darn good those middle weeks, from about thirteen or so to around thirty or even more, depending on how much weight we have gained, what kind of shape we are in and how we are carrying the baby. Have a long torso helps too, but we don't have much control over that.

It's hard to wait until nineteen or twenty weeks to first feel that reassuring little hummingbird flutter that lets us know that there is still a growing person in there. Most providers are willing to have you come by for a quick dopplar check to reassure you, but no one is going to suggest that you come in daily or even weekly, just because you feel good, but are worried. Some women resort to purchasing a dopplar for their home use. BAD IDEA. Unless you are skilled in finding that little heartbeat, you are opening yourself up to a load of anxiety. It is hard to find that bitty baby in that abdomen and it takes skill and patience.

Rest assured and have fun. The first trimester is over and you feel good enough to exercise and all of a sudden you actually want to eat greens and your husband's advances are welcome and there is a nursery to plan. I say, "go dancing". Soon enough you will be feeling your baby move ( I will blog about that later ) and before you know it you might even be complaining about how much and how hard and how much sleep you are losing over it. Good training for all the weeks and months when there isn't much sleep at all with an infant in the house!!