Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby 101 sponsored by Viacord

Another inspiring and informative Sunday afternoon sponsored by Viacord at Maggiano's at Perimeter Mall yesterday. Fabulous raffle prizes; lots of lucky winners. The weather was ideal for a full turn- out because we had rainy skies in Atlanta. It's spring here and that means lots of showers for April dogwoods and flowers. What a good time to be pregnant ( plenty of warming- up weather for outdoor exercising )and what an absolutely super time to bring a new baby home from the hospital ( plenty of warming- up weather for outdoor pram- pushing and exercising ! ).

Dr. Soufi, as always, does such a down- to- earth and informative talk about what stem cells are and how they are being used now and what the future may bring for transplantation. She brings her calm and human demeanor to these afternoons and provides her patients and her audiences with what we all crave: correct information in order to make our own informed choices. There were a lot of really good questions for her because we had an audience that was well prepared with some interesting inquiries. We had prospective parents of twins ( three sets!! ) and even a couple planning on delivering far from Atlanta.

We had a couple due yesterday and are they ever ready to have a baby! They had a few last minute questions about the Viacord kit that they have in ready for their imminent delivery and Kim and Eric were right on it for getting the answers they needed to feel very secure about their collection. The representatives from Viacord are so well prepared to handle any situation and they are so willing to get the facts they may not have immediate access to for their clients.

Shannon from Stork Vision had a great overview of her services for 3-D, 4-D ultrasound. She is an experienced sonographer who can get you all the pictures and extras you want. Her facility is beautiful and conveniently located. There is even a baby boutique there. Lots of room for family and friends to feel right at home.

I spoke about all those "housekeeping" issues that young families may not know they need to get a handle on, even before their baby arrives: pediatricians and daycare, car seats and infant CPR, wills and guardians, life insurance and the fact that the kit goes with you to labor and delivery for the cord blood collection, so you have to make an informed decision and contract with the company to get the kit well before the due date. Know about it and do what you need to, certainly by thirty-four weeks. In Georgia, there is a law that mandates that obstetricians provide information at twenty-four weeks.

Then I answered the most commonly asked question:" How do I know that I am in labor?"
There is a difference between Braxton-Hicks and "real" labor contractions. Braxton-Hicks contractions aren't rhythmic or regular. They do not establish a pattern. They can be manipulated to go away. Real labor contractions do change, over time, and they do become regular and they do become more intense and they don't go away or we would never be born. They get longer and stronger and closer together.

Penny wasn't able to make it yesterday, due to a family emergency, so we missed her bubbly talk about the fourth trimester. But I let everyone know what a labor and postpartum doula does for a young family and how helpful a female birth attendant can be. Knowing that you can call on an experienced expert for a few short hours at home, after you get that precious package out of the hospital, can be all the reassurance and reinforcement a family needs to make the huge first transition to parenthood. Nobody is born knowing what to do with or for a newborn baby, especially the baby. Penny is wonderful at breaking it down to the basics and making it seem common sense, inspiring confidence.

I believe that getting the information and not being afraid of the unknown is what we all need to empower ourselves to make the choices and also make the decisions and even the mistakes that we all are allowed, when facing a brand new adventure. Thanks to the Viacord folks for a very successful and delicious afternoon with experts available to make the transition to parenthood a lot of fun and not quite so overwhelming.