Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Basics, again

You will see me comment from time to time on a Baby Basics afternoon that I usually furnish for ohbabyfitness clients. I am always so pleased to offer reassurance to well- educated, self- confident and clueless prospective parents. It's easy as pie! None of us is born with a clue about what we need, any more than our parents are raised to know how to get us that need every time! The constant, I guess is food. We eat to survive. But calming a baby, that's another story. And boy do they need that.

So after a stimulating round of open questions from the floor from spoiling to pacifiers to co-sleeping, we talked about calming a baby.

First, since there were takers on the "Has anyone never diapered a baby?", we diapered ( funny how the tabs go in the back and the ruffles go out )both genders making sure that folds were well cleaned and appropriately dried and lubed as necessary.

We moved on to sponge bathing and then tub bathing ( cord must be off )since ya gotta clean the baby. I like witching-hour bath- time and then they are all clean and sweet for feeding and hopefully a longer evening sleep. But the best way to get a baby to eat well and then sleep is to calm the baby.

Per our expert Harvey Karp, MD, author of Happiest Baby on the Block, discussion and return demonstration proved that these almost new parents are well on the way to swaddling, stomach or side cuddling, and shushing and swinging and getting their babies to suck. The magic formula for that missing fourth trimester every baby needs to get with the program, realize that this isn't the womb anymore and finally SMILE ( three months ). What a reward!!

Everyday is different. Babies aren't robots. But using tried and true calming techniques gives tools to try again and again and reassurance to new parents when they succeed. It almost as hard being a parent as it is being a newborn. We can reassure them that they can trust us by being consistent in our calming techniques.