Monday, April 26, 2010

Kegel Exercises

Everyone wants to avoid an episiotomy. That surgical incision that we have all heard horror stories about that used to be done routinely right before delivery. The perineum is located between the vagina and the rectum and that's the spot. The good news is: it's rarely necessary to perform epistiotomy and it is not done routinely-- any more.

Everyone wants to avoid tears. There are a lot of horror stories about that too. A lot of women do tear just a little bit. But many, many deliveries are nicely accomplished over an intact perineum. That means no tears and no surgical incisions and everyone is good to go.

The perineum is meant to stretch for accommodating the birth of a baby. It actually stretches quite a bit. We have hormones that signal the necessity for stretching and we can be proactive about getting that perineum to open-up to the max.

Kegel exercises are a wonderful thing. It strengthens the tissues and gets them into great shape.It is good to do them when you are pregnant and even when you are not! It is helpful later in life to help prevent urinary incontinence. There is even evidence that it may be helpful for men to do Kegel exercises to reduce prostate problems. Who can argue with a non-invasive, simple and quick trick to help prevent wellness and make the vaginal birth of a baby easier?

A Kegel exercise involves contracting the pelvic-floor muscles that surround the entrance to the vagina. Simply "pull" it in, like when you are stopping the flow of urine and trying to "hold" it in. Men can do the same thing with their pelvic- floor
muscles, just the same way, as if they are stopping the urine stream. You can do it for ten times ( or as many times as you want to )by just "pulling -in" and holding it for ten seconds. And repeat. I do it at red traffic lights and then you are usually good to go on green. No one knows what you're doing so you can do it anywhere you want, whenever you want and no one is the wiser, but you are doing a healthful exercise with great benefits. Use your imagination and start Kegel's today.