Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hardest Job in the World

Unfortunate news via Yahoo's homepage today. The US ranks #28 down the list on supportive cultures for mothering. We have a lot to learn from the rest of the world who out ranks us. But the support must start and be generated by US women and mothers, here at home. This Mother's Day, include pleas and prayers to our current administration to honor all women and girls, not just in the third world, but also here at home. We must join together to further working conditions for moms, stay at home or not, that are compassionate and healthful so that our entire family will thrive. It may take a village but it starts one hut at a time. SPEAK OUT for mothering.

Shocking statistics about infant and maternal morbidity/ mortality usually point to some far-flung places that have no relevance to us. Not anymore!!

So the health and welfare of all women and children needs to be addressed everywhere. And most especially here at home in the US. WE need a grass roots movement to educate and empower. Mothers Unite!