Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Bundle of Journal, for posterity

I had no intention of blogging about journaling today. And I have no intention of selling this journal to you, my readers. But when I got a request from a friend and former client to endorse her new creation,Little Bundle of Journal, well, I got to thinking.

First of all, I have virtually no recollection of actually living with my very grown children. I know that I did and I know that there are certain memories that still do stand out in my addled and aging brain. However, I can't believe that I have forgotten their favorite meals or what we did for each birthday celebration or their teachers names.

Worse than that ( although I still remember their birthdays ), I can't remember when who crawled and what who said when. I thought that I would remember forever all the details and nuances of their growth and development. I don't remember when each got teeth or how long, for sure, that I breastfed and I don't remember their doctors names ( there were a lot ).

I have no idea how I felt at the end of a day or a week, the end of a year or a decade to chronicle how I felt about how they felt. And we all know that we are only as happy as our least happy child. Well, I had an unhappy child, for some reason all the time: they alternated.

I have friends who have journaled since the second grade. How they felt, what was happening in the family, what they were reading and how they rated their mom. It is more than just interesting to look back, in order to look forward. We change and our perceptions do too. Our bodies change and our goals and dreams. When we journal about our stages in life, we are providing ourselves and our offspring with a true picture of how it was and what was happening ( at least in our eyes ) and I think that is invaluable information.

I have offered to meet with my adult children so that they can really hear the history of me and what I recall ( my way ) of my childhood and even snippets of my parents' but they are too busy, with their own lives and their own schedules and their own children. They are too busy ( as I was ) to take the time to do more than jot occasionally in a baby book the most basic milestones. The substance of all those years that we actually parent our kids will be as lost to them as it is to me unless they journal. A few sentences, ideally a day, but probably a week or even a month in each story of the making of an individual's life. And not only that child's life but in the life of the parent at that time in the child's history. What a gift for their psychotherapists!! All kidding aside, what a gift for them and us and maybe even generations to come. You may be journaling about the early life of a very important person. And aren't they all?

For more information about where you can actually get one of these amazing journals, please go to Ready Birth LLC Facebook fan page and see the information for purchasing. This will be my baby present from now on. It used to be a silver spoon, not nearly as important, useful or meaningful compared to the story of a life!