Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Suggestions for Baby Basics

I am continuing to teach Baby Basics class for individuals and for ohbaby!fitness and starting soon for babycurean Maternity Consultants.So in an effort to have a lesson plan I have been writing again. My forte!! I will be adding the following as another hand-out. People love to leave class with the notes already copied for them! I think I remember paying for notes forty years ago as an undergraduate.

Welcome to Baby Basics,

As new parents, your world is filled with questions that you think must have immediate answers. I will do my best to answer some of those questions and may even introduce a few more. This, like all new beginnings, is a process, with a learning curve. The good news is that babies are born to survive and that your baby has never had parents before. So, that gives you room to make a lot of mistakes and no one will be the wiser. There isn’t much you can do to really harm your baby as long as you feed her and keep her warm.

I highly recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block for some secrets that old grannies and midwives have known for centuries. Refer to those “S” specials when in doubt.

 Babies aren’t tub bathed until the cord attached to the little yellow barrette comes off. About a week after birth. Clean that cord, with attached barrette, everyday with warm water and keep it dry. You may use alcohol, if your mom says to, and the cord has no nerve endings, so baby won’t feel the burning you do when you get the alcohol on your hang nail. Turn the diaper under the bellybutton and change baby often.

 Burping can’t be done enough. Burp several times during bottle feedings, not so necessary for breastfeeding. There is always one more burp to come up and that’s the one that will keep your baby from sleeping soundly, so you can sleep too. Burp that baby one more time, for me, please.

 Diapering is not an art these days. The diapers come with “Velcro” tabs. Clean your baby’s butt with a wipe or a moist washcloth and dry it off before you put the part with the tape- tab underneath the baby and tape it up. Ruffles on the outside to prevent extra leaks. No need for any lotions or potions unless baby is red and chaffed or the doctor recommends it. Forget powder.

 Swaddling works. Per Dr. Karp and The Happiest Baby on the Block, it’s all about attempting to simulate that tight womb it’s been living in for forty weeks. Tighter the better and please don’t forget to keep those hands down behind the baby’s back. If the hands come out, the baby isn’t swaddled anymore.

So welcome to the fourth trimester. I am available to answer and assist. Barbara Negelow RNC CCE 404-812-0774
AJC Nurse of Excellence

Baby Basics Housekeeping

1. Negotiate ahead of time, who is going to be present in the LDR suite at the hospital
2. Arrange ahead of time, who is going to see to pets, mail, the house, etc.
3. complete infant CPR and all grandparents and other caregivers should too
4. car seats installed at week 36
5. select pediatrician
6. arrange for daycare well before baby is due
7. wills, guardianship, life insurance
8. collecting cord blood? The kit is the most important thing to pack, everything else is easy to come by at the hospital
9. no bumpers, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals in the crib
10. Breastfeeding? The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding is a great resource book.
11. Childproofing Your Dog is a great resource for families with pets
Happiest Baby on the Block, book or DVD for calming newborns

So that's the jist of Baby Basics but the real joy and humor and sharing comes when you get to participate and share. Learn how to swaddle and side lie your baby. shush and jiggle and make sure she sucks. Someone always gets the first diaper wrong, despite the give away tabs. Practice makes perfect. Hope to see you in the coming weeks at one of the Baby Basic sessions scheduled in and around Atlanta. It's even worth flying in for-- very entertaining. We DO have a lot of fun!!