Saturday, July 31, 2010


It seems that one of the biggest worries expectant families verbalise is, "What if we don't get there in time? " Well, it happens very infrequently considering that first labors are about sixteen hours in duration. However I always suggest a few trial runs to the hospital at different times to assess for traffic patterns. I always suggest a plan and a rehearsal for an alternate route in case of problems on the road.

Providers request that you call if you think that you are in labor so they can help evaluate the need to go to the hospital. The rule of thumb is contractions ( for a hour ) five minutes apart or your inability to talk ( breathe ) through a contraction. However, if you are certain that you are in labor or you forget to call or you just have a feeling it's time to go, well by all means, go to the hospital. If you really are in labor, they let you stay and they call your provider. No worries!

If you are still at home and you don't think you have time to get to the hospital, you are probably wrong. HOWEVER, if you feel like you have to poop or you just have instincts that warn you that the birth of your baby is eminent, call 404-635-6800 to reach the traffic management folks at the Department of Transportation. They are well equipped to handle this situation to get you an ambulance and experienced help is you should deliver at home or on the way to the hospital. Make sure you are very clear about where you located, whether at home or on the way, in the car.

There are a lot of things that you can worry about before and after the birth of your baby. In my opinion this isn't one of them. If the baby comes out before help arrives, put the baby on your chest, leave the cord alone and keep the two of you warm until the help takes over for you. They will do the essentials and then transport you all to the hospital.