Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do I Need my Nighty?

Having a baby is a messy business. You don't need your nighty. Pack about week thirty-six and keep the bag in the car that you are going to go to the hospital in; not the other one and not in the bedroom: the front door or entrance to the garage are alternatives. Include CDs and DVDs, cameras and a list of people and email addresses or telephone numbers in order to notify them.

I suggest packing very light. It is difficult enough just taking the baby home. Bring personal hygiene products of your own choosing. You may want your own soap and toothbrush and paste and of course, hair products and equipment. Make up. And don’t forget your glasses and any contact lens paraphernalia. Enough money to call in for food deliveries. But not a lot of money. And leave all valuables at home, including jewelry. Bring snacks for when you are laboring so Dad doesn’t have to leave you to hunt up nourishment. Extra underwear and clothing for Dad, if he planning on sleeping there with you and the baby and his toiletries too.

You will have hospital gowns to wear during and after delivery. You may want your own slippers and a robe. You will be supplied with peripads and a garment to wear with them. Make sure that what you bring to wear home is still maternity sized. You won’t be back to your pre-pregnant body for weeks and weeks. You will need a good nursing bra, at least one size bigger than usual.

Baby will need suitable clothing for the trip home and a blanket. Baby may wear the undershirt and cap provided but most new moms plan on all of their own clothing for the coming home ensemble. Baby will not be released from the hospital unless there is a regulation car seat, properly installed.

You will be receiving gifts and flowers, plants and maybe balloons.Pop the balloon and discard and offer the flowers and plants to the nurses to cheer up the family waiting rooms. I recommend leaving most perishables rather than trying to get them home with your most precious cargo. It’s just too stressful. An alternative is having friends and family members tote everything but the baby home for you. Everyone wants to know what to do for you, so this is a good response. They can bring food over too.