Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Traumatic Events

Pregnant women are always worried about that fall down the steps, the auto accicdent from fender-bender to a nasty crash and all the trips off the curb that we inevitably experience because we are still in the world when we are pregnant.We are even at increased risk because we become clummsy when the center of gravity shifts and we carry so much more disproportionate weight when pregnant.

Some traumatic events are not physical but rather emotional or psychological. A job loss, loss of a loved one or even a really nasty fall-out with our spouse.I am often reminding my clients that babies are very well protected in that watery world they develope in and well cushioned from what may hurt us. They don't feel our physical aches and pains and they do not suffer from our blues. Babies are born in war-torn countries and famine and floods. Mother nature takes care of these growing fetuses until we can do it for them ourselves.

That being understood: Take care of your physical needs. Wear flat shoes and watch and be aware of your surroundings. If you should experience a fall or an auto accident, call your provider. If you are past the twenty week mark, even if you are NOT bleeding and the baby IS moving, chances are they are going to insist on an office visit with some monitoring. Better to reassure you that everything is just fine. Not a sign that they expect something is wrong.

The emotional trauma is harder to monitor. For you, tell your provider what is going on with you and your family. Medications can be used safely in pregnancy if you are going through a hard time. We don't believe that the baby is affected by your mood but your mood may affect how you take care of yourself and then your baby. So, eat well, hydrate too. Exercise ( endorphins, you've heard it before ). Sleep atleast eight hours a night and a nap is okay too. Massage and any sort of touch is always therapeutic. The old adage that if mama's not happy, no one is happy applies to you and your pregnancy also. It is a great time to pamper yourself.

The big warning signs for any kind of trauma are bleeding. loss of fluid from your vagina and a decrease in or absent fetal movenment. Don't delay; just call your provider and choose the emergency option so you don't have to wait. Things happen in pregnancy and they happen through-out our lifetimes. Don't panic, please don't deny. Ask for evaluation and reassurance and you'll be a responsible and sensible mom. And watch where you are going!!