Monday, October 25, 2010

"It Makes Me Want to Spit!!"

It does. Many pregnant women report excessive salivation to the point of drooling, gagging and spitting while speaking, due to increased production of secretions by the salivary glands in early pregnancy. These women are seen carrying "spit" cups and wads of tissues. They are embarrassed and sometimes keep their hands in front of their faces. It is very upsetting and there isn't really a treatment, but time. How many times do we hear that about the travails of pregnancy? This annoying early symptom is usually done by twelve to sixteen weeks gestation.

Carry and use liberally: gum, mints, sucking candies, crackers. Eat frequent small meals ( use calories wisely ). Ginger ale isn't just for morning sickness. Many candy companies are marketing ginger candy for sucking and chewing and dried and crystallized ginger. It helps. It always seems to be better to use sour as opposed to really sweet. Sweet can be cloying and increase nausea. Good old fashion lemon drops are good, if you can find them. Sour patch kids are a caloric but fat-free alternative.

It really does make you want to spit. If you have to, well, go for discretion. Just another surprise about early pregnancy.