Monday, January 24, 2011

Infant CPR

There are a few things that I really stress when I am doing sessions for Baby Basics or Labor and Delivery. You must have a car seat. You must have a will with a guardian for your child. You should remove the decorative bumpers from your crib. You should child-proof your dog. You should research and consider stem cell collection for your fami to make an informed choice in time. If you aren't going to bank for your family's use, look into donation. You should get all the life insurance that you and your partner can afford when you are young because it's cheaper and the premium doesn't escalate with age. You should learn infant CPR.

I believe that bringing a baby home is an awesome event and responsibility. And I believe that no one should bring a baby home without knowing how to save its life. You can take a class at the hospital ( any hospital, not just where you are going to deliver ), American Red Cross, American Heart Association and even at the YMCA.

I was really excited to see the marquee at my own "Y" when I pulled- up yesterday. They are offering infant CPR for free in February. Some classes elsewhere may involve a nominal fee. Well worth it!!

If you don't ever need to use infant CPR on your own kids ( please ), you may use it as a by-stander to an event where there is a need. What a feeling to be needed and not know compressions for an infant or a young child still may necessitate the mouth-to- mouth that is no longer recommended for adults. What do you do if you are faced with a youngster choking and you don't know the simple Heimlich maneuver?

There is never an excuse for not taking infant CPR and re-taking it every two years. End of story and blog for this week.