Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I do not usually promote businesses on this blog. But I am making an exception in this case. Although my audience is primarily in North Georgia, I hope that my readers all over the country will be as thrilled as I am to know that ohbaby!fitness is about to move onto the national scene.

This is a small busines ( woman conceived, owned and operated ) that has blossomed in the last five years into an organization which provides a much needed and appreciated service that aids women in their childbearing years in so many ways. The premise is sound and well-documented. Pregnant and postpartum women benefit from exercise as much, if not more, than the general population. When we are "in shape" physically, we have healthier and happier pregnancies. We also decrease the likelihood of complications during the pregnancy, the need for cesarean section for delivery and the risk of post partum depression.

Since I am always concerned about the psychosocial aspects of life and my ability to positively affect emotional as well as physical pregnancy outcomes for my clients, I have to toot some horns and ring some bells for ohbaby!fitness. Where can we find a group of women going through the same phase of life, all in one place, for peer support and friendship? Exercise class. Chances are the women are enough like us that they share our desire for wellness and they want to talk about the very same things that we do!!

Ohbaby!fitness doesn't stop there. After the baby is born and it so easy to fall into the traps that increase our risks for postpartum depression: isolation and loneliness ( not to mention a safe place to get real about how hard those first weeks and months can be ), ohbaby!fitness offers mother baby activities so we can participate with our infant and other moms and babies in the same boat. Perfect.

Spring is around the corner: take a stroller class and continue to relate to other women in similar situations and move your body. Exercise takes care of those extra pounds, increases those endorphins for a positive feeling about yourself, fresh air is good for your motherhood glow, might help you sleep ( when you can ) and the word is out that fresh air helps babies sleep too. And while you are walking, you are bonding with some of the women who may well become your best friends. One of my best friends shared her pregnancies and postpartum periods with me forty years ago and she still is there when I have to vent. Don't we all need to do that??

So congratulations to ohbaby!fitness for the successes of the company but most importantly for providing the much needed support for new mothers-to be and mothers, in fact. In the village it takes to raise a child, there must be a sisterhood. Or it simply couldn't be done. Thanks, ohbaby!fitness