Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red Flags and Danger Signals

Sometimes a complication will arise in your otherwise normal pregnancy and you aren't sure whether you should call your provider or 911. Sometimes, you aren't sure that it's a problem at all. Warning signs can be noticed first by you ( severe headache not alleviated by Tylenol, for instance ) or noticed by your provider during an office visit.

Your provider is the only one who can judge for you if you are indeed exhibiting a danger sign or red flag. It is your responsibility to report and I always say that you are not issued a coupon book for calls to your provider. In other words, call and let the experts decide and advise.

Call immediately with bleeding from your vagina, even slight bleeding, let them decide.
Call immediately with bleeding from the rectum or nipples, upon urination or vomiting or coughing.
Call with swelling.
Call with blurred vision.
Call with that headache above mentioned that doesn't respond to Tylenol.
Call with abdominal pain that doesn't go away after a rest, a heating pad set to medium or a BM.
Call with fevers over 101 degrees.
Call with vomiting an diarrhea.
Call if you have urinary symptoms such as burning, frequency, urgency, pain.
Call if the baby isn't moving after a large glass of ice water or orange juice and a ten minute rest.
Call if you are experiencing a trickle of fluid from your vagina that doesn't stop.

Call for reassurance or directions. Call when you have a red flag or warning sign that you can't interpret. You are NOT a bother to your provider when you have a concern that needs addressing. You provider doesn't know if you don't report.