Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Basics Revisited

I am so glad that my classes sponsored by ohbaby!fitness for Labor and Delivery and Baby Basics are such a hit that I have maximum enrollment and a Baby Basics class scheduled Sunday April 3. Prospective parents come armed with dolls or stuffed animals, diapers of choice and a swaddling blanket. Personally, I like dolls better than stuffed animals for obvious reasons, a disposable diaper is used most often but cloth diapers are catching on and a big, light-weight blanket specifically for swaddling. My swaddle blanket is called the Miracle Blanket and it is the perfect size and weight. I know that there are many on the market since I purchased mine several years ago and even a body-suit that reminds me of a straight- jacket but the draw back is the size-specific nature of the item. Guess y'all know which one I prefer.

We talk about The Happiest Baby on the Block which is a DVD or book, your choice. I like the DVD much better because it's easier to learn, for me, from seeing, not reading. But I caution anyone who chooses to use either that although Havey Karp, MD has a great thing going, it is ABSOLUTELY NOT necessary to do anything EXACTLY like he says. We have many ways to swaddle and swing and shush. If prospective parents want to come already familiar with Happiest Baby, that is fine with me but be prepared for lots of deviations from HIS theme.

We hands-on diapers and swaddling, bathing , burping and swinging, side lying and even sucking. Well, as much as we can, without our own real babies in arms. We are sure to discuss those differences between boys and girls, especially in the diapering and possible circumcision department. And we always have plenty of time for FAQS.

As with almost any class I teach, there are a few reluctant dads wondering why they are there and hoping class will conclude soon. They are my most challenging clients and also my most gratifying because they soon see that class and learning about babies ( and Labor and Delivery ) is lots of fun, relaxed and even entertaining. They are the folks that stick around after for even more advice and extra thanks. Expressing that class was not anything like they thought it would be.

I am looking forward meeting many new parents in the months and years to come because they give me the opportunity to share my expertise and offer the reassurance that is so welcome to people who have become so very thoughtful about doing "it" right. There are many ways to swaddle a baby!!