Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Many Ways to Have a Baby, Naturally

I just opened my facebook to a post from Ohbaby!Fitness about a video concerning belly- breathing and coordinated pushing. I love Ohbaby! and I teach small groups for them every month, but I don't think the most effective way to learn about any aspect of labor and delivery is via video or CD or your mom's opinion of what it is all about and how it is going to be for you. I get a question almost every time I answer the phone about whether I teach "natural childbirth." By that, the caller usually means anesthetically unassisted birth, in other words a vaginal delivery that is accomplished without the use of any medical intervention, like medicines or hormones, forceps, vacuum extraction, episiotomy, etc.

I believe that every birth, no matter how one delivers a baby, is a natural birth. After all, you have conceived a pregnancy, one way or another; you have carried a baby as it develops from an embryo to a fetus and you have eventually delivered the infant to make its way in this world without benefit of being attached to you by the umbilical cord. That's is how we have babies, no matter how we breathe, push, using our vagina or a surgical incision, with pitocin or not to achieve adequate contractions, with epidurals or not, water or not, squatting or not. And it goes on and on. The variables are many. No pregnancy or labor and delivery is the same as any other and they are all natural in that another person is born. Even with multiples, babies are born.

So when you are asked if you are going to deliver your baby using the Bradley Method ( husband- coached childbirth ) or Lamaze ( patterned breathing ) or in the bathtub or "natural" without any invasive or pain assisted medical intervention or by Cesarean Section, you can honestly say that you will be prepared for any eventuality and you expect that you WILL deliver a baby. And you WILL be prepared because you have taken the necessary steps to educate yourself on every eventuality. And you know how to change a diaper, even though that's not really natural, but it is your choice because you don't need baby pee running down your leg.

Anyway you have a baby, it is a pretty natural occurrence. About as naturally natural as you can get.