Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby's Obesity Risk

We are all aware that there is an obesity epidemic in our country. That increases our risk for diabetes and all the implications for long term health and well-being. Not to mention all the fixations that go along with poor health, eating disorders run rampant through our society. We might be exactly what we eat and now there is a new study from the United Kingdom that indicates that what we eat while pregnant can strongly affect our offspring's lifetime risk for obesity.

Our diets during pregnancy may alter our developing fetus's functioning of DNA. The building blocks of our entire being!! The process called epigenetic change indicates a propensity for the storage of more fat. Susceptibility to obesity isn't just about our genetics and lifestyle choices, but also can be triggered by the influences on fetal development during pregnancy.

It seems not to matter how much we weigh when we begin the pregnancy, whether we are "fat" or "thin" to begin with or even how much we gain. It's not about the baby's birth weight. It's about our nutrition during the pregnancy. And surprisingly, with all the attention paid to carbohydrates in our diets now, it seems that women who were low in carbohydrates bore children who had markers for obesity at ages six and nine in the study of three hundred children.

It is important to remember that we are growing a person whose lifespan in the twenty-first century may be lower than previous generations due to the risks associated with obesity. We are talking about heart disease, stroke, diabetes and possibly cancers. Overall quality of life is now thought to be associated with what we eat during our baby's development in utero. So, whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables, in other words, complex carbohydrates are very, very important to eat during your pregnancy.