Friday, June 17, 2011

I am reminded....

Unfortunately, I am reminded again about domestic violence and changes that occur when you bring a new baby home. Partners not only experience symptoms ( see Couvade's ) of pregnancy and post-partum depression, they also experience jealousy and try hard to control a situation that is overwhelmingly new to them. Statistics are disappointing about abuses that occur both physically and emotionally. At what an inopportune time ( like there is a good time for bad news ).

Please do not hope and pray that it is just a passing thing. Denial costs precious time and the suffering can be lonely, isolating and depressing ( PPD anyone? ). Not to be flippant, this is a very serious problem and there are many community resources available to all of us, county by county. Google is an anonymous first step, if you are reluctant to contact your provider. Empower yourself.

Do not be afraid to seek help. It is not your fault. And if recognized and handled appropriately, it can be a blessing in disguise. It doesn't necessarily mean the end of your relationship, but rather a true new beginning for you and your partner and your family.