Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving, again

It can't be Thanksgiving, again. Last year I was off to Vietnam and Cambodia and it seems like yesterday. I had a trip to Japan and China since. Next year, I'll go again at this time of year, because I am like just about everyone else and consider this to be the most "loaded" time of the year. Full of expectation and memories, a little yearning and even some regret. I like to go far away; maybe Myanmar next. I am grateful that their government is becoming less repressive and that my conscience won't be quite so bothered when I book the trip. I am grateful for continued peace efforts on the part of all honorable people who understand that this is one small planet. And that we all have a mother. Guess it's time to take stock and give thanks for blessings, again. Should try to do it everyday, like meditation. In fact, it can become a great mantra: thank-ful, see, two syllables.

I am thankful for troops abroad and troops coming home. I am grateful to still have money in the bank, despite this being a really down year for the markets, all over the world. I am grateful for all the travel I am able to do and all the people and cultures that I have had the privilege to know. I am thankful for shelter and warmth, food and a business that I love, to continue to keep me afloat.

I am grateful beyond words for healthy children and grandchildren. And grateful that they all are within a short drive away. I am grateful for every hour that I "babysit" and most of those sleep- overs. I am moved beyond gratitude when I hear, " Grandma, I love you." I am grateful to share my home ( and pillow ) with the most loyal little dog. I am most thankful for the garden that keeps me keeping on. It always comes back and I can remind myself of that when the winter is at its most bleak. I am overflowing with true friends. And so grateful to be able to be a friend back.

Ready Birth is not just my business; it is my passion. And I am truly grateful for the opportunity to coach so many young couples every week, month and year. The gratification that I derive from instructing and reassuring and contributing cannot be obtained in any other way, for me. I am grateful for happy outcomes and successful labors and deliveries and so grateful to be there when things don't go just right. I am grateful for knowing that I have made a difference. And grateful for all the trust placed in my hands by countless clients who remember me on their email lists, gladden me with newborn pictures and continue to be in touch as the years fly by.

I am grateful for the grief support group that I willingly facilitate every Monday. I have learned so much about being alive and staying alive by people who face great loss and pain. I am grateful that I am in a position and of the disposition to face other's gravest moments with them, together.

I am grateful for this year and all the closed doors that have become open windows. I sincerely hope that you all can be grateful for your good fortune and that you can see the coming season and next year with hopeful expectations for regeneration, just like my garden. Happy Thanksgiving, however you choose to spend it.