Friday, November 11, 2011

A Whole New World

A whole new world opened up for me this week when I went to meet with Hannah at Izzy Maternity. I don't often look at the merchandise when I visit Pea in the Pod or Bellyhaven or Izzy for that matter. But I had the time to re-acquaint myself with what's happening in the world of maternity fashion while talking to a cherished client of mine ( and theirs ) as she was trying on gorgeous gowns. I remembered the one pair of super size jeans I had the dressmaker fit with an elastic panel and the few really hideous shirts I "borrowed" from my husband.

Nursing bras actually come in colors and have options, like lace and under-wires. Panties aren't those granny jobs I had to buy in an enormous size. They are pretty and feminine and come in sizes and choices of design. Nightgowns and PJs are available in all kinds of fabrics and can be used for the pregnancy and then for breastfeeding, with hidden panels and modesty in mind.

The clothes are beautiful and it's no wonder that they are used after the baby is born and even when your shape comes back. I was very tempted to pick up a few Michael Star tunics to wear with my leggings. There is outer ware!! Unheard of in my day. Big comfy sweaters and coats that button! Exercise outfits and bathing suits and day dresses for work. And you don't have to beg off when you are invited to an affair. The cocktail and evening gowns are divine.

I was happy to see the maternity belts that I keep recommending to women with back issues. Impressed to see compression hosiery that doesn't look like post surgical stockings and is designed to help your legs feel better even if you don't have varicose veins and swelling. The moisturizers that are constantly lathered on dry skin on tummies, that is stretched to the max is organic. Who knew? It won't keep stretch marks away but it sure will make you feel better. And it isn't greasy and doesn't smell bad.

The merchandise available to pregnant women is overwhelming to me. We had so little choice ( back in that proverbial day ) and never had the opportunity to feel beautiful or feminine or even just okay. What a wealth of goodness in these shops. I just had to blog about it! It's a whole new world to me!!