Monday, March 12, 2012


I was rudely reminded of the power of gravity last Saturday as I was walking my dog. I know that you know that gravity is a powerful force with a powerful pull. Has to be or the earth wouldn't orbit and apples wouldn't fall out of trees. I fell down. I don't know ifI tripped over the leash or a crack in the sidewalk. Maybe I fainted. Who knows? But I have quite a shiner and a roughed- up face.

It got me thinking. Gravity is very instrumental in the birthing process. I mention it when I teach but I don't think I have ever stressed gravity when I blog. Gravity may be the most important factor when it comes to getting that baby out.

You must be upright to take advantage of gravity when you are laboring. Lying down was for Victorian ladies. Gravity literally forces the baby's head deeper down the birth canal, hopefully while the uterus is contracting and the baby's head is exerting pressure on the cervix. Effacement, Dilatation, Gravity. Gravity.

I use the term "dance" pretty loosely to reminds us all that we must not lie down while laboring. Sitting is okay and rocking is good ( chair or ball ) in a position that still enables gravity to work for us.

Getting on all fours will allow gravity to ease the baby's occiput off the mother's backbone, if she is experiencing "back laoor". And delivering on all fours does the same thing. Gravity.

So it's usually the little things that make the most difference in life. Or while bring forth life. And we should never question the power and force behind this phenomenon we know as gravity, especially while walking the dog.