Sunday, April 1, 2012

They're Eating It.

I guess you've heard. I must be falling behind the times in twenty-first century birthing trends or back to the sixties. They're doing it in New York City and they're doing it in L.A. January Jones ( I don't know who she is, but I am sure that you do ) came out in People magazine and she said she's telling all her friends to do it. Jennifer Mayer of Brooklyn Placenta Services calls them happy pills. You got it! Placenta capsules made from your baby's very own placenta.

It's not really a revolutionary concept. Mammals have been eating placentas forever, to get nutrition, says OB Maggie Blott. Fried with onions. Roasted and added to spaghetti and pizza. Truffles, smoothies, tinctures for tea. Chili, stir-fry. It's vegan-friendly, soy and nut free, gluten free, kosher and FREE. And now you don't have to do anything but pop a "happy pill " that is dehydrated placenta, ground up and stuffed into capsules. You get about eighty, I am told from a good sized organ. The internet, bless it's heart, is full of recipes.

If you don't want to ingest your baby's placenta, you can have it made in to a salve for smearing on whatever or   made into a commemorative keepsake bottle, How about a print, suitable for framing? You can just take it home and hang it from a tree, plant it in your garden or under  your home, float it down a river or reserve some of the tincture for your menopausal mom.

It is supposed to be full of vitamins, minerals, hormones and proteins: Gonadotropin, Prolactin, Oxytocin, TSH, Cortisone, Interferon, Protaglandins, Hemoglobin, Urokinase inhibiting factor, factor XIII, gammaglobulin and I don't know what else. Touted as assisting in preventing "baby blues", postpartum depression and promoting breast mil production. It is purported to increase energy and contribute to a feeling of general wellness. The earlier mentioned Dr. Blott says that since people in a position to pay for the preparation of the placenta are usually very well nourished and therefore " there is no reason to do it."

Something to consider when you are working through your birth wishes. The doctors I have spoken to personally add that the hospital keeps the placenta for a week. It may be needed for pathology studies and then it won't be released to you. Otherwise, go get it, if that's what you want.  In their opinion, there have not been enough documented scientific studies to warrant ingesting the placenta. Some birth doulas are offering to facilitate the retention and usage of your baby's placenta, for an additional charge. It's in the news. The latest buzz in my world.