Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Childbirth Education

I was asked to write a brief article about the benefits of childbirth preparation for a group of physicians "beefing- up" their website. When asked similarly, I always go back to my archives to review what I have written in the past. I was amazed to see that although I have been blogging for four years, I have never written about this subject. The closest I have come is the blog about birth wishes ( in case you want more of the same ).

Reassurance, confidence and solid information is what is necessary for a well prepared family- to- be. Eliminate the fear factor, suggest alternatives for medical management such as comfort measures, relaxation and support, explain why what happens happens and teach in a manner suitable for adults to learn and you have the makings of a good childbirth education class. I would worry if I went into a new situation without what to expect. And so would you. Get all the facts and supplement your childbirth class with true preparation. Practice the exercises suggested by your instructor. It won't be useful to you unless you do the advance preparation.

Take the time to read one good book or at least have it as a reference guide at your bedside. Use the Mayo Clinic site and stay away from the rest, if you are compelled to surf the web. I would prefer that you visualize surfing the wave of contractions. Ask trusted professionals for advice. Keep relatives and girlfriends focused on the shower, not the delivery.

And know that you were born to do this. It is really the only reason that you were born. Trust your body to do what is was born to do. After you know the mechanics of what that is, after the class and the practice, after you truly believe that your body can do this.....