Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby Brain??

I hear an awful lot about baby brain. From my clients..... from my friends it's called senior moment or "do I have early Alzheimer's". During the holidays, it's stress.

Is it true that when a woman is pregnant she actually loses the ability to cognate? Is her memory really impaired? Scant research is divided on the subject. Some studies show that indeed pregnancy and the early postpartum period heralds memory problems. But is it lack of sleep, hormonal changes, or just the stress associated with a major ( I mean MAJOR ) life change? Other studies deny the existence of any sort of memory or cognitive negative impacts.

Nurses often use evidence- based knowledge to come to a reasonable conclusion and explanation. I believe that there is baby brain. I believe that it is secondary to all the stresses of new information,  perceived responsibilities, and new decision making. From what to eat and drink to doctor or midwife to peer pressure and family demands. The list goes on and every single patient I have ever spoken to about the subject has another concern yet expressed.

Rest ( if you can ) assured that along with motherhood and juggling family and job, scheduling teacher conferences and then disagreeing with the teacher, toilet training and choosing colleges are all in your future. Take time for yourself and your partner to wind down and breathe. Losing your memory once and a while is .much more preferable than losing your mind.

What did I say?