Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gone again

Happy New Year. There's nothing I love more ( than all of you ) than traveling to learn about new cultures and different ways of living in the twenty- first century. I am thrilled to be able to travel to Myanmar ( with a clean conscience ) and Laos to visit schools, hospitals, orphanages, families and sites of historical import. I am bringing packs of pencils, toothbrushes, illustrated world atlases, peach candy and pecan pralines for giving  a long the way in the hopes of sharing some of myself and the U.S.A. and showing how much I want to be included in life there as I spend a month absorbing al that I can about the indigenous foods and stories, customs and crafts. I love observing prenatal care practices, labor and delivery and early parenting of infants.

I hope that there is enough electricity and availability of modern technology to use my netpad to send back a glimpse of what is happening in Burma now and a snapshot of how the Burmese people live. I always marvel at the similarities and of course the differences in how we are pregnant, labor and deliver and  and parent around the world. We all have mothers and all bleed red blood. Hopefully as more of us understand each other the greater the chances for peace and goodwill toward all women and men

Watch for my blogs from Laos and Myanmar on readybirth.com.