Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Robin

So much to say this week. What about North Korea? What about Boston? What's to say? Keep your babies safe....

Like the Mama Robin who is diligently guarding her incubating eggs in the nest right at my front door. I watched a very determined male robin build and rebuild ( after a strong windstorm ) the most beautiful and ingenious nest about two weeks ago. Perched on a ledge that is part of the decorative large arch that holds up the roof over my entryway, he even weighted it with extra flotsam that provides a balance in the event of more wind.This nest is a marvel of engineering and architecture.

First, as male robins do, he left the nest in search of a suitable mate who would appreciate his efforts and approve of it as worthy of a home in which to lay her precious eggs. He brought by a few likely candidates and in two days time there was a smaller and less flashy version of himself sitting on the nest!! What a success story. Match.com could take lessons.

I can sit at my kitchen table anytime I like and watch the miracle of spring and hope unfolding. Sometimes she takes wing and before I can run for blankets to keep those future babies warm, sure enough, he comes by to give her a chance to go eat and prevent cabin fever by keeping those eggs warm until she returns. It's a miracle that I am absolutely captured by!

I am reminded of all the hope, care and concern that is reflected on the faces of the future dads who come to my sessions. Nine times out of ten they voice their worries as being solely for their mate's happiness and their baby's health and well-being. They want to be sure that they can provide. And the mamas, well they are all about keeping those future children safe and warm and well-fed. I can't wait to watch them take-off only to return with a beak full of nourishment for those hungry little balls of fluff. It's a twenty-four hour seven day a week job. I wonder if they ever suffer from post-partum depression from sleep deprivation.

And the beat goes on..... happy spring, and very, very happy families to you all. May you be just as successful as my birds.