Friday, August 30, 2013

A Success Story

I always ask my clients to add me to their generic email list. The list that they send out to everyone they know after the baby is born. I am, of course, interested in how the baby and parents are doing but I also want to know about the birth, how it went, was my guidance helpful, are there issues I can help them address now. Many folks don't ever send an email or give a call and I wonder about those people from time to time.

I don't have to wonder about the couple who invited me to their son's bris, the ritual circumcision performed for Jewish boys on their eighth day of life. It is a celebration and also a baby naming when friends and family gather to witness the blessing and welcome the new baby into the "fold". There is food and drink and lots of talk about the beautiful and healthy child.

At this event, I had the pleasure of hearing first- hand all about the labor and delivery from the perspective of the mother, the dad and the maternal grandmother too. There were even a few other people who had heard about what a lovely experience it was. Talk of induction due to high blood pressure and wouldn't you know that Mom's "water broke" just one day before it was planned! A fourteen hour labor and one and one half hour of pushing, no tears. Perfect!

What could have been a failed primary induction turned Cesarean section had the ending we all hope for: a normal vaginal delivery with no complications. Furthermore, this mother of only eight days has lost thirty pounds ( she IS breastfeeding ) , was wearing beautiful non-maternity clothes and those high, high heels I can't imagine walking in. She looked beautiful. And asked only if it was okay to let the baby sleep five hours at night without waking him up!

I had a wonderful time and I had a success story. It is so gratifying to hear the end of the tale. Our bodies are born to do this! Take a childbirth preparation class, do your homework, whatever the teacher assigns for you, practice your visualization and remember to breathe. You can be a success story too. Please put me on your generic email list or better yet, invite me to the christening, the bris, the celebration of life and a labor and delivery well done!