Thursday, November 14, 2013

Use Your Gut

So following up on the last week's blog about the expertise it takes to diagnose autism ( and a lot of other problems )..... There IS a mother's intuition and a father's intuition, without a doubt. And it is that gut feeling, that intuition that must urge you on to be proactive for the sake of your child and his needs.
A grandparent, friend, co-worker or even your pediatrician does not see your kid for the amount of time that you do, nor with the same eye. When your child consistently displays behaviors that are not"right" or usual for your kid, go to the experts. Until you feel it's right.
I had a lovely couple visit me before the birth of their little girl. They were both highly intelligent and educated people. They noticed a problem with their child's eye and persisted in taking her for many appointments with their pediatrician, on his advice, to be " watched ". The conclusion was "normal" after a considerable length of time. The kid just wasn't displaying anything of concern to the doctor.
The couple decided to go " out of network " ( with out a  referral ) and pay for a consultation and second opinion with a pediatric ophthalmologist. Because in their gut they knew something wasn't right with their little girl's eye. Sure enough, it was a retinal malignant tumor with genetic implications ( consider other offspring ) and the eye had to removed. The child will endure growing up with many prostheses while she is maturing before a permanent prosthesis can be placed.
Please honor and respect your parental gut. Parental intuition is real. It is not a superstition. If something doesn't feel or seem right or is out of the ordinary for your kid, check it out, with an expert, until your gut tells you it's okay or time to move on to another opinion. It is your child's right to your advocacy. Please use it.