Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Different Culture

In one week I am off on another adventure, not only to experience a new culture but to compare the way our one species has so many different ways of parenting. I know very little about the Laplanders and historically not too much about the Scandinavians in general. I am sure I will get some perspective but more important to me is finding and exploring contemporary family making and parenting in that Land of the Midnight Sun. How does it differ? What is the same? Why are these countries rated among the happiest in the world and why don't they make war? At one time they were conquering warriors. No more. Did their cultures lag behind or rather did they evolve realizing that there are better ways to live? And raise a family.

I will try to answer these questions and learn more about the country where maternal and paternal leaves are both one year!! Many surprises await us. Stay tuned.