Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy New Year 5775

I try to remember to blog at important times on the calendar. I have posted this on Readybirth's Timeline on Facebook as well, so I apologise for repetition.

This is the time of year, as the leaves change and the weather cools down in Hotlanta that Jews celebrate the coming of the new year during a period of ten days when they can reflect on the past one. It is a perfect time to remember our strengths and also reevaluate our foibles, hoping to shed new awareness on our behaviors for the coming new year: 5775. This is a very difficult time for the world, so our own little issues may pale by comparison. However, if we collectively, as a family of decent human beings,  the world over, start to act as if we are a family, perhaps there is hope for the new year and this still new century. Then once again, we will have the luxury to obey the commandments of this time of year and seriously focus on how we can honor and respect and do good in our own little families and communities.
Happy New Year to all the families that have touched my life and hopefully, mine theirs. It is an honor to know you and consider you a small part of my own.
Hope for peace for all, good health, joy and good sense to behave as human beings at home and in the world.