Wednesday, December 17, 2014


WE are all very busy this end- of -year and holiday time. Pretty poor excuse for not blogging more this year! Please allow me to remind you that just about anything you want to learn or hear from me can be easily found in five years of archives at

My best holiday present is usually a trip far away to off- the- beaten- path places learning about culture and history and how women live, work and birth and parent. I put that present on hold and plan for a few interesting trips later this year. I have a partner of over a year who likes December in Atlanta so in deference to him, I am staying close to home. It gives me pleasure to make him happy and there has been a bonus in it! Hanging around with my grandchildren as the season's frenzy mounts has been lots of fun even though I have purchased more gifts for everyone than I normally would!!

Another big surprise has been the radio interview I did 12/16/14 with follow up from the show today:
I just got a call from NYC from Scotty the producer of the show I spoke on yesterday morning. He wanted to give me my "stats". 926,000 people listened for the entire interview which means 91% of their listeners stayed with me the entire time I spoke. My rating was a whopping 5.2 as compared to their average of less than 2! Maybe I'll get to be Dr. Ruth before I retire! Everyone should be able to tune in to www.wrnw.1 in 24-48 hours to hear the recording.

So all in all it has been a good year for me and I hope that you all can say the same. With the volatile stock market and ISIL and planes mysteriously disappearing and North Korea threatening destruction for SONY and a lot of Christmas movie goers, the beat goes on and the world still spins; reminding us of what's really important and also of what we cannot begin to control.

It's those random acts of kindness, rescuing that one starfish on the beach that make the world a better place. We all need to focus on peace, goodwill, kindness and love to see us through 2015 and beyond.
Best greetings for clean air, clean water and most especially food for everyone on earth. Wishing everybody a great new year.